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Contest Winners


Here are the results of our phone book contest, which ran from March 30 through June 30, 2000.

First Place ($25)
Verbyl Belch
Submitted by Trey Reely, Paragould, AR

Second Place ($20)
Duncan Bywater
Submitted by Donella Love, Elgin, TX

Third Place ($15)
Harden Long
Submitted by Ken Resler, Odon, IN

Runners Up
Iona Dickey
Submitted by Margaret Cott, Miami, MO
  Iona Bump
Submitted by Joyce Petit, Hastings, NE
Justen Case
Submitted by Mesha Elliott, Bakersfield, CA
  Anita Holm
Submitted by Julie Wilkie, Milwaukee, WI
Hooker Salvage
Submitted by Shellie Langley, Estancia, NM

Honorable Mention
Julie A. Old Coyote
Submitted by Sheila Jones, Milwaukee, WI
  Bolivar Shagnasty
Submitted by Gayle Barnes, San Antonio, TX
Richard Head
Submitted by Jaime Renwick, Oil City, PA
  Constance Farder
Submitted by Teri Jo Vetsch, Newfolden, MN
Chiapetti Lamb & Veal Corp
Submitted by Nicolette Frenchy, Chicago, IL
  Nuts to You Inc.
Submitted by Jarrette E. Lesch, St. Petersburg, FL
Tina Teenie
Submitted by Michael Musial, Reedsville, PA
  Candy Barr
Submitted by Laura Palmer, Hinesburg, VT

Can you find a name in your phone book that's funnier than these? Send it to us! See this page for details.

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