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Name-Related Links

America's Funniest Aliases -- The world's most wanted criminals with the funniest names and nicknames
Meet Computer Man -- Yes, that's his real name
North London man changes name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger by deed poll -- a real whopper
Name of the Year -- You can't tell the players without a scorecard
Marc Leisegang's funny names (many in German)
Man is told he can?t change his name to Superhero ? but Ninja is OK -- Make up your mind!
Searching for a Man Named Penis -- Aren't we all?
Why Someone Named Monty Iceman Sold Doogie Howser's Estate -- Well, SOMEBODY had to!
Cherries Waffles Tennis Arrested In Jupiter, Florida -- Which is funnier: her name or the town name?
'Han Solo' banned from getting a passport after Star Wars fan changes name -- Fan...or Fanatic?
'Kim-Jong Sexy Beast' -- world's longest name?
The Most Outrageous Baby Names of 2013 -- WTF?
Cthulhu All-Spark: Expectant Parents Asked The Internet To Name Their Child, This Was The Result... -- What did you expect?
Man legally changes name to Tyrannosaurus Rex -- That's Tyrant Lizard King to you
What's in a name? New Zealand babies know -- IF YOU want to name your newborn Mafia No Fear, V8, Lucifer or Emperor, the New Zealand Internal Affairs Department says no dice.
Mum changes her name to Pink Sparkly And All Things Nice -- I can think of some nicer things than that
New names can bring joy and easier lives -- So says man named Led Zeppelin II
Awesome Man Cannot Change His Name to ?' -- A weed by any other name...
Study reveals parents in frontier states are more likely to give babies unusual names -- What are you smilin' at, Pilgrim?
What's in a name? Man goes from Smith to Awesome -- Actually, Smith is pretty awesome, too
Zion man changes name to One Nation Under God -- There can be only one (nation under God)
Man changes his name to Buzz Lightyear -- Did it give him a Woody?
8 Countries With Fascinating Baby Naming Laws -- Beware the Name Police
Man renames himself 'Stormhammer Deathclaw Firebrand' -- Makes you wonder would he have done if that was his given name
Swedish parents emerge victorious in bid to name son 'Q' -- Short for Quezacotl?
Metallica's fine, but not Ned Kelly -- YOU can call your kid Metallica, Fully Hektik Sik or God Bless, but don't even think about giving him the name Ned Kelly - that would be offensive
Meet Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov -- Yes, but what is his middle name?
Judge Rules Inmate Can't Change Name to 'Sinner' -- Let he who is without sin strike the first gavel
If Your Name Were Smellie, You'd Change It, Too -- Wow, I thought NPR was highbrow
Name shame causes Cock shrinkage but Wang is on the rise -- Er, it's not what you think
Tax agency rejects 'Dark Knight' name change -- Good night for Dark Knight
Digit-named boy ignored by authorities -- M0sc0w says "ny3t!" to numb3rs
Britons: Justin Case, Barry Cade, Ray Gunn -- Punny!
No Snickering: That Road Sign Means Something Else -- Oh, Gray Lady, how could you stoop so low?
Swedish couple denied right to name their son Q -- Will they next try for "R"?
Council bans the 'rude' street names that might offend -- They don't like Hoare Road and Cracknuts Lane
How Mr Westfallen woke up as Mr Happy Spanners -- The crazy names people pick for themselves
Baby name game getting crazy -- In: Nevaeh and Narnia. Out: Gummy Bear, Coca Cola and King John 1.
6 Baby Names You Probably Shouldn't Give Your Kid -- Forget Apple and Pilot Inspektor. If you really want to give your kid a hard time growing up, just pick from the following list
Teenager changes name to Captain Fantastic -- Actually, it's "Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined"
How 10 American Towns Got Their Weird Names -- First stop: Hell, Michigan (unless that's redundant)
Asheville teen changes her name to protest dissections -- Does that mean her middle name is "dot"?
A Bengal Changes His Stripes -- NFL star joins Dick, Schmuck, Queer, Doody in procuring a new surname
Street names 'too fancy' for Yorkshire town -- Aristocratic-sounding street names proposed for a new housing development have been rejected as "too fancy" by a northern market town
Parents to name children 'Abba' and 'KFC' -- Swear words, God, Allah, and Devil still off-limits
Swedish tax authorities: It's OK to name your newborn after dad's favorite beer -- Swedish authorities say parents can now name their newborns "Budweiser" or "Metallica" if they so wish
Court orders name change -- Apparently "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii" is not an acceptable name
New Mexico court refuses to let man change name to "F--k Censorship" -- Maybe they would have preferred "F--k New Mexico"?
Man named God arrested for selling cocaine near Tampa church -- It must have been a sacrament.
Man asks court to change his name to 'In God We Trust' -- I guess he didn't trust God to do it for him.
And the Worst Bad Name Is... -- Iona Knipl? You must be kidding.
Singapore Superhero: Batman Bin Suparman -- a.k.a. Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent?
More parents using txt language to make their child's name gr8 -- cn u hr me nw?
Bad Baby Names -- Baby, they're bad
Ethan, Ava still most popular names for Alberta babies -- But don't forget about Whisper, Sparrow, Treasure, Butterfly, Raynebow-Roze, Echo, Ocean, Freedom, Midnite and Obsidian-Angel
Man Changes First Name To "The" Dan -- Last name is "Experience" (what else?)
The 20 Most Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names -- Guaranteed to contain a few you've never heard of
The 9 Most Unfortunately Named Athletes -- Coco Crisp is just the beginning
Suspects' funny nicknames can help us solve serious crimes -- Peanut, Champ, and Big Man lead the pack
Cubs fans name baby boy Wrigley Fields -- But will he be good at Little League?
Sci-Fi Baby Names -- So far, 18 Neos, 133 Xanders, 273 Trinitys and 158 Willows born in Victoria since 1980
Chinese couple tried to name baby "@" -- But when will the kid enter the Matrix?
4Real? No, Superman -- Couple denied ability to name son 4Real name him Superman instead. That'll show 'em
When Not to Hyphenate Your Name -- Many married women choose to hyphenate their married name and maiden name. But there are times when you just shouldn't
50 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names -- More than just Moon Unit and Dweezil
When Not to Hyphenate Your Name -- Unfortunate marriages
Knock-Out Name for Baby Girl -- Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Foreman Brown
Family's winner becomes a loser and loser a winner -- You win some, you lose some
The Most Popular Names for British Pets -- You'll notice it closely matches the list of most popular children's names
Twin Sisters Named After Japanese Bullet Train -- Nozomi and Hikari
Trucker Names Himself Ynot Bubba -- also considered Lacon Marlboro and More Chek
Swedish Family Names Daughter "Metallica" -- but tax board denies application; rock on!
Silly Names from the Cornwall Record Office -- including many non-Cornish names
Bears Fan Changes Name To Peyton Manning -- Superbowl? More like STUPIDbowl
Scott MacDonald Auctions Off His Name -- big decision will be made on Groundhog Day, 2007
Marine Attempts to Auction Off His Name -- stymied when superiors remind him such endorsement is forbidden (now get down give me 20!)
Gandalf, Superman and Madonna coming soon to British playgrounds -- not the originals, but kids named after them
PETA Activists Go Back to Given Names -- no longer known as,, and
When Tarzan meets Cleopatra -- Bulgarians are picking unconventional names for their kids
Free Chinese Names -- Download your name in Chinese characters
Malaysia draws up list of unsuitable names for children -- List includes "smelly head" and "gangster"
Man Named "None of the Above" Runs for Office -- Confusion? You bet.
Fined Six Thousand and Five Hundred -- Father finally changes son's name from "Fined Six Thousand and Five Hundred" to "Golden Dragon". As if that's any better.
Drew Peacock -- it's all in which syllables you emphasize
Family Gives Seven Kids Presidential Names -- hopefully none of them were impeached
Mr. FUN -- driver's license revoked
The Philippine Name Game -- unique names in the Philippines
Man Changes Name to "Jesus Christ" -- talk about taking the Lord's name in vain
Swedish Couple Name Baby "Google" -- let's hope he doesn't get into a fight with Yahoo
British Office Compiles List Of Odd Names -- Horatio Hornblower is just the beginning
Parents Name Child "Rafferty Bob Ash Chewbacca Peate" -- may the Force be with him (her?)
100 Rude British Towns, Villages and Streets -- read 'em and weep
Woman Gets Cable Bill Addressed to "Bitch Dog" -- another guy gets one addressed to "Scrotum Bag"
Bank Issues Debit Card Bearing Name "Dick Head" -- Deposit. Withdraw. Repeat.
Penn Jillette Names Child "Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette" -- quick, to the Batmobile!
Mom Sells Name For $15,000 -- she changed her name to
Transylvanian couple names son "Yahoo" -- this stuff just writes itself
Reporter Fired for "Yahoo" Baby Hoax -- it was too good to be true
Programmer in China prevented from naming his baby son -- don't even THINK of .com or .org
Man Scraps Plan to Name Daughter 'Jihad' -- "Mein Kampf" out of the question, too, I suppose
Crazy Horse, Spaceman battle sceptics -- guess which one had trouble booking a flight?
Gov't rejects Hitler, Moses as names for pachinko machines -- it's all fun and games until somebody violates the spirit of the country's pacifist Constitution
'Mary Poppins' Registers to Vote in Ohio -- not to mention Dick Tracy, Michael Jordan and George Foreman
Chinese Man Cannot Name Son "@" -- refused permission because it cannot be translated into Mandarin as the law demands
New Yorkers With Double Names Get Free Domino's Double Pizza -- Little Caesar's unavailable for comment. "Pizza, pizza!"
Swedish couple attempts to name their kid "Superman" -- authorities turned down the request
'F*CKING' villagers vote against name change -- residents of an Austrian village called 'F*cking' have voted against changing the name
Odd nicknames of Mexican criminals -- no Frito Banditos here
Japanese government helps determine names -- Ever considered naming a newborn baby Beetle or Sardine? How about Cancer or Dung, or even Who?
Reggae Name Generator -- what's your Reggae name, mon?
Yorkshire Couple Named Baby Diot Coke - in 1379 -- obviously the Old Coke, not the New Coke
Names make for funny business -- companies adopt funny names to boost business
Builders Embrace Branding -- new and old names for suburban developments
'Fach' Street Called Too Similar To Profanity -- some people just have nothing better to do
Techie Names First Son Version 2.0 -- man names son after software release
Man Changes Name to "Bubba Bubba Bubba" -- what are you laughing at, bub?
Brand Names...For Kids? -- parents are naming their kids after their favorite brands...and more
American Name Society -- Non-profit organization that promotes onomastics, the study of names and naming practices
New trends in names -- Parents name their kids after brand names
Woman Changes Her Name To -- Karin Robertson not interesting enough?
Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names -- exactly what it says
Finnish Last Names -- Humorous Finnish last names
The Funny Name Site -- more funny names
Could you be descended from a Shagger? -- an article from The Register
Swedish couple barred from naming baby 'Superman' -- a news story
The Funny Names List -- Les Smulevitz's list of funny names
Urban legends -- Some true, some not, about funny names
"Paging Mr. [censored]..." -- recordings of mischief with funny names at Heathrow airport
Web site bans woman with "unacceptable" name -- a true tale of censorware at its worst
Bad Company Names -- A list of companies with BAD names
What's in a Name? -- An article about funny job titles -- Unique, Exotic and Uncommon Names
Funny names from the Albany, NY phone book
1835 Cherokee East of the Mississippi Census Index

Other Humor Links

Chris White's Top Five List -- more humor than you can shake a stick at -- What's your chocolate personality? Take the test and find out.
DateRate -- Rate your date and read how other people rated their dates

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