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Here's what other people are saying about the Funny Name Server:

People who love us:

I love your web page! LOL!
       -- anonymous

I find your website page very amuzing
       -- Vivienne P.

I stumbled across your webpage and found it extremely amusing...
       -- Heather N.

An entertaining diversion if you enjoy laughing at people more than with them.
       -- Edward P., Site du Jour of the Day webmaster

I enjoyed sliding thru your site. Carry On!
       -- Dan N.

I think it's terrific. I've been collecting funny names for more than thirty years, so now I can add more to my collection.
       -- Cathy

I really dig your funny name website...
       -- Sue W.

I've just found your site and have had a good laugh! It is an idea that I have thought of a few times, but it seems there are a few who have beat me to it in a big way!
       -- Claudine R.

Hello!! I loved finding your site!! Thank You All!!!
       -- Chuck P.

I just found your site this morning...What a great break it is from the doom and gloom that dominates much of todays landscape. Thank you, and keep up the good work.
       -- John

I happened across your site today...and I'm quite pleased with it.
       -- Brad P.

I'm really happy that I found your site. I now have one more place to find those strange names that raise an eyebrow or bring a giggle to us on occasion at work.
       -- Sibyl B.

Great names - your number 1 choice was my all time favorite!
       -- Anonymous

I just wanted to say that i emailed your site to a local radio station in Indianapolis, IN. They have a 'Wacky Web Site of the Week' and I told them about your site.

Its a Great site----KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!
       -- Anonymous

I LOVE yer site. Surfed on in a few times, and it Rocks. Different, for sure, but it's sumpin as you said yerselves that we all think about, funny names. Keep up the great work.
       -- Rob O.

Just wanted to let you know that I stumbled upon your website and LOVED it.

Keep up the good work.
       -- C. Show

this site is funny as hell!!! never shut it down screw all those people that don't like it they can all kiss my ass!!!!
       -- Antoinette Mastin

I think that your website ROCKS! But, the thing is that... maybe people with those names happen to look at this website. I know its like a 1 in a million chance... but it could happen... but anyways.... I never knew that people would actually name their kids those names.
       -- Brittany S.

Those are some funny names. But maybe you shouldn't print their phone numbers, or at least obscure them.
       -- H. Cox

Great site!
       -- M. Grosby

Too bad you don't have a section for "People Who Hate the People Who Hate". If you're looking on this website that means you must find these kinds of things funny, so don't say it's not funny because it IS. You must have nothing better to do than to criticize others.
       -- Kerry Janetka

Quite honestly I think the site is hilarious. And for the people who don't like it, do you think that making every other word you type a cuss word is cool? It just makes you sound REALLY stupid. So if you don't like the site, why even bother looking at it?
       -- Lauren

I laught my guts out....I'ts been a long time since I laugh that hard...thank you...thank you...thank you....
       -- J.A.

this is some of the funnies shit i've ever seen u guys rock! and 2 all those ass holes who fuckin bad mouth this: fuckin realax ok it's a website 2 get a coulpe of laughs on! holy fuck! some asshole said (and i quote) : "I really think you should all look deep inside yourselves and realize that this website was a disgusting mistake." Well Bottelz V., I think u should fuckin look inside your self and realize that is a funny ass website!
       -- Patrick Boughs

Hi my name is Connie and I think that your names are the best. I always log on to your website and see what other funny names you have. It's just a short message Bye
       -- Connie


People who hate us:

This is by far the most stupid website I've ever seen. You people should be ashamed at your severe lack of humor. These entries are not funny at all !!!
       -- A. McGrath

This was the most stupid website I have ever come across. The fact that you use innocent people that had no choice over what their names were going to be to get a few laughs makes me sick. I really think you should all look deep inside yourselves and realize that this website was a disgusting mistake. I hope you all consider what I have told you.

Thank you for your time and cooperation. May God bless, keep and HELP you all.
       -- Bottelz V.

Hey why are you making fun of everyones names. I mean how would you like it if your name was kiss my ass and everyone posted your name on the internet. They might have their name for a special reason. You guys are such assholes.

Kiss my ass
       -- L. McNaney

Hola! How can you say that these names are funny? They are really lame! I didn't even laugh at one of them. I think you need to come up with some funnier names.
       -- Anonymous

I found your website a pain to maneuver and not at all funny. Who cracks up at 234 Duck? What a waste of time!
       -- Darrel F.

This site is not funny. I'm just laughing at it (which is sad) because its so lame.
       -- Anonymous

you are a gay twat making a shitty web site like this , its the biggest load of pants ive ever seen in my life it should be closed down you sad bastard
       -- Some idiot in the UK

You people are so sad. First-So you just go into phone books to find 'funny' names and make fun of them? You are all gay. You are so waisting your time. Second- these arent even funny!!!!!! This site should be closed down.
       -- Pixiscute

I think the names were funny, however I do not think it was funny that you had put these peoples addresses and phone numbers up on your site. It surely wouldn't have taken much effort to edit this information out. You have violated these peoples rights and privacy. Letting you know how I feel is my first step. Letting these people know that they have a lawsuit against you is my next step.
       -- The Couture's

I think you run the most useless site on the entire internet! You should be ashamed of yourself.
       -- Boris

this site blows
       -- Dinah Blankenship

hi this is one of ur readers i just was writing to let u know ur sight wasnt very good and even i could come up with funnier names then that, that is just pathetic bye
       -- Brittany Baxa

do you know how insensitive you guys are, i mean these are peoples names i really hope one day someone whose name you put on and embarrassed comes and beats the hell out of you.
       -- Nicole Trout

wot a f**king load off sweaty c**t of a site you t**t
not a bit of it is funny you c**t
what a waste of time and money it took to make this peice of a wanker site
so f**k off
       -- Paul Gould

I just have to say that your website is the most un-funniest site i have ever seen. It lacks everything especially intelligence. You know if i ever needed a brain transplant I would ask for your because it had probably never been used before. I hope you will finally realise what an actual funny name has to be like for example - Hugh Jass - now that is funy because it sounds like something rude! Well I am going to leave you with that thought and hopefully you will take my advice.
       -- Jennifer Macleod

I think this web site is really gay. I mean you have nothing better to do than think of names like dick and bunghole what are you a nut case. Please. I am 11 years old so there.
       -- Fatladysings


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